• Week 3 Goals - Update

    September 13th, 2019

    Reach for the moon and land among the stars. - Norman Vincent Peale

    I reached for Pluto, and did not make it past orbit. A quick progress update.

  • Week 3 Goals

    September 9th, 2019

    This week, I am implementing a few algorithms previously discussed in the leads section. We will see how far I get.

  • Project Update 1

    Current Research Plan
    Current Research Plan

    This week, we first solidified the project proposal. I will be building a mosquito model that takes in...

  • Project Introduction

    Bits vs. Bytes is a project sponsored by the Fulbright program to Singapore. Over the next ten months, I will be investigating how IoT technologies can be used to detect and prevent mosquito breeding grounds....

Personal Blog

  • The Jumping Bird

    Unfortunately, the shortcuts didn’t work as expected. Right now, my phone flashes at random times, and I need to bypass a screen of alerts to access the internet. It will be a big task to...

  • Automating my Life

    iOS 13 brought a much-anticipated change to the Shortcuts Application. My side project this week will be to use it to automate my life and productivity. By becoming familiar with Shortcuts scripting, I can use...

  • Paiseh, Paylah

    The Paiseh Piece is the last piece of a snack. Paiseh means embarrassed or sorry. So eating the last part of a shared snack is taboo.

    Paiseh is too strong for how I feel about...

  • Google Photos

    I never thought I would use Google Photos when it first released in 2017. But now, two years later, I’m organizing my blog photos (and even research data) using Google Photos.

    What inspired the change...

  • Forgetting Java

    Today, I continued to work on the Telegram bot. I was able to deploy the bot using AWS API Gateway and AWS Lambda. I noticed that Telegram requests were processed out of order. Perhaps I...

  • Small Thoughts

    Here are a series of thoughts that were not important enough to make a separate post about, but are still interesting!

    Dust Mites

    Recently, I’ve noticed some mites in my working and living spaces....

  • The Other Side

    I did not plan to see the beautiful skyline of Johor Bahru twice in two days.

    I was going to Eastern Singapore to see cultural centers. But after not checking the Grab address twice, I...

  • Clear Days

    For the past week, I was used to only seeing the immediate skyline from my bedroom window. But this morning, I think I saw all the way to Marina Bay Sands! I believe the haze...

  • Last things first

    October 1st 2019

    Have you ever tried to build an Ikea cupboard without reading the instructions?

    I have. And I find that I would make mistakes rather than waste time reading through the manual. I...

  • Time Travel

    September 29th 2019

    Do you know how music can take you to different places? Like when I hear Justin Bieber in a cafe, I immediately move away.

    Like this joke, when I visited...

  • Fun Day

    Today I visited Bishan with my friends to watch a movie. This was my first time on the Yellow line! It was a unique MRT station. Near Bugis, many of the stores were brand name,...

  • Weekly Catch-up

    Written: September 25th 2019 for September 19th-25th 2019

    On the 18th, I had the chance to connect with H3Zoom AI, a company that uses drones to inspect outdoor building surfaces. I hope that our...

  • Cats of Singapore

    September 17th 2019

    Today I saw a variety of cats around Singapore. They are so cute! They have short tails and look well-fed.


  • Operating in a Haze

    September 16th 2019

    I picked the wrong day to air dry my clothes. In my effort to reduce waste, I spent the morning creating clothing line from used food wrappers that were in my trash....

  • One Month

    September 13th, 2019

    This week, I was “inducted” into my dorm. I missed orientation, so it was challenging to meet everyone. But this week, our dorm was preparing for Inter Neighborhood Games (ING), so there...

  • Wishing for Clouds

    September 9th, 2019

    The past few days have been rainless. While there have also been no paperwork related disasters, I’m starting to see the ill-effects of continuous heat. Each day seems hotter than the previous...

  • Wind and Water

    September 8th, 2019

    Sleeping with a thick blanket while using three fans is useless. So today, I tried to find ways to modify my routine and room to make better and greener use of my...

  • The Unknowable

    September 5th, 2019

    I have always had a problem with uncertainty. For years, despite taking many statistics classes, I never “believed” in expected value. There was something uncomfortable with variance. I only liked certainty.


  • Nearest Neighbor

    The Traveling Salesman Problem is that a salesperson must find the shortest route between all their different customers. One basic approach is Nearest Neighbour, where the salesperson goes to the nearest destination first, then finds...

  • Seasons

    September 4th, 2019

    In New Jersey, Summer is now slowly transitioning to Fall, a process that will take all of September. In Singapore, you can change the weather much more quickly - by going inside...

  • i t (small poem)

    Sept 2: It did not make its presence known
    My three fans drowned out the noise
    I saw it alone, on its own
    but felt its impact after sunrise

    A mosquito...

  • Shells

    August 29-Sept 1st

    As a hermit crab grows up, it removes its shell and finds a new home. For some time, the crab is vulnerable and has to fit into a new shell. I felt...

  • Rain

    August 27-28th

    Some people believe that rain is lucky. I am not sure. On Monday, I saw rain for the first time in a week. At first, it was a cool welcome, but I was...

  • Exploring

    August 25-26th

    I visited the STAR building and went inside the large Performing Arts Center. It was beautiful to see more than ten screens and three tiers of seats. Later, I ate Bingsu, a dessert...

  • Unique City Tour

    August 23-24th:

    Marina Bay at Night
    Marina Bay at Night

    Yesterday, I got to see Tanjong Pagar in the day and the night. First,...

  • Settling In

    August 8th-10th 2019

    Finally, our luggage arrived, so I could start to move in. The climate was much more humid than I expected, so I have three fans in my room: one from the dorm,...

  • Welcome to Singapore

    “The best thing is, I don’t need to change my watch.” - my mom

    Hello from Singapore! We spent over 22 hours on planes, but it was worth the wait. We got off at Changi...


  • Adobe's Sweet Spot

    I have recieved some feedback that the current website is unaesthetic. I do not disagree. There is a lot of information that can be better organized. The color scheme is weak. And I could take...

  • Thoughts on Github Practices in Academia

    September 7th 2019

    Whenever I read a research paper proposing interesting results, I am happy when there is a link to the Github repository. I’ve found that research code is mostly unusable. I can’t figure...

  • Thoughts on Creating Websites

    I experimented with Heroku, Weebly, Github pages, and CSS templates to build websites. So far, I’ve found that Github pages, for students, has the best value. You are able to keep the website repository private...


  • Singapore Offices

    Here, I provide a quick overview of relevant Singapore offices:

    NEA: The National Environment Agency
    MOE: Ministry of Education
    HDB: Housing & Development Board
    MOH: Ministry of Health

    I will update...

  • SAX Processing

    SAX, or Symbolic Aggregate Approximation, converts media so that it is easier to process. I’m still in the process of understanding. This summary was helpful to understand how converting time-series data to strings is...

  • Here-Oku

    When building and deploying the recent Heroku apps, I ran into trouble. The first is with database migrations. Often, the builds failed due to updates in how the database python packages operated. It was also...

  • Introduction to Computer Vision

    Computer Vision is an important tool because there are many picture-based datasets related to mosquitoes (like satellite images). An approach by Poom Wetttayakorn, analyzes images from Google Streetview for objects that commonly hold water,...

  • Introduction to GIS

    Geographic Information Science (GIS) is a critical tool in understanding mosquito populations in Singapore. The Singapore government updates data daily for mosquito counts and dengue cases in KML files. These files capture the mosquito counts...

  • Daily Buzz - Part 1

    This summer was good for mosquitoes and for articles about mosquitoes. I wanted to share some current cool research on mosquitoes from Singapore and abroad.

    The Mosquito Laser

    While this strategy is extermination focused...